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1/02/03 - East Texas

Friends, Co-Workers Remember Man Killed In Plane Crash

Dr. David Knowles practiced family medicine in Tyler for 20 years. He was killed in a tragic accident Thursday.

The accident made big news on New Years Day, something out of the ordinary for a man friends say enjoyed a life of anonymity.

"He was a quiet, unassuming person but he was a person who was very committed to the principals of alcohol anonymous," said Robert Power, owner Sundow

Those principals are what drew Dr. Knowles to Sundown Ranch near Canton more than 16 years ago. Robert Power started the community in 1986. It was a place where young people, dealing with addiction, could come to get better. Power said Knowles was in from the beginning.

"I discussed with him what I was doing here and what my vision was for this place and he wanted to become a part of it," Power said. "I think he felt that his calling in life was to use his medical skills and his knowledge to help people."

"He was my physician, he was my friend, he was my brother spiritually," said Glenda Fischer. "I was very sick, I didn't have money for medication and he examined me and he said well, I haven't given you any Christmas present yet, so have this prescription."

Knowles also gave his time to help out at the Smith County Public Health District.

"This community, this Health District and many many individuals are going to miss him," Director Nic Sciarrini.

A feeling many in East Texas are echoing.

A memorial service for Dr. Knowles has been set for Sunday at 3:30 at the 1st Presbyterian Church in Palestine.

Chris Gibson, reporting.

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