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Streets of Speed-1/2/04

Streets Of Speed: Grande Blvd.: Street of Speed and Accidents

Grande Blvd. is full of curves, it's a fun road to drive, and little traffic allows drivers to push the speed limits.

Our production assistant, J.J. Truell, caught many of them with our Speed Zapper: "All these cars all right here are going 51... 54."

The speed limit on the straight part of the road is 45. Hardly anyone stayed within speed limit. The recommended speed limit is 30 miles per hour to go around the curves, but the average speed limit we clocked was 53. The highest... 58. That's 28 miles over the recommended speed limit.

Grande Hill Estates sits right in the middle of all the curves and hills. Property manager Cheryl Brumett says, on some days her eyes are glued to the window waiting for an accident.

"One in 10 cars, they do kind of spin out," Brumett said. "And you'll hear the tires screeching. Sometimes they hit something, sometimes they don't."

Brumett says in 2003, more than half a dozen cars crashed up onto the sidewalk and into the apartment gate and brick column. For residents living in the apartments near the front, the sound of screeching tires can be scary.

"Every single time I hear that sound come through, I just think it's going to come straight into my house," Stepon Esfandiary said.

Speeders are not only putting themselves and residents in danger, they're also putting pedestrians in harm's way.

"I don't know if people can't see that there's a turn there or what, but they're going to hit somebody on the sidewalk one of these days," Dollie Roberts, resident, said.

Meanwhile, J.J. has clocked more speeders: "White truck going 57."

The warning signs are clear, but Grande Blvd. remains a "street of speed." The manager of Grande Hill Estates says when it rains, many drivers don't slow down, so accidents are even more frequent.

If you know of any "streets of speed", we want to hear about them. You can call our "Streets of Speed" hotline at 903-510-7720 or click on the S.O.S. icon on the home page.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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