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12/31/03 - Longview

First Female Chaplain At Police Department

For the first time in Longview police department history, a woman has become a chaplain. Linda Lansford officially took the role with the police department this morning.

Four other new officers were also sworn in and Mike Bishop was promoted to lieutenant.

Linda has been a chaplain for eight years, but just recently decided to join the force. "When I got on the police force with the crisis response team, Beverly Usher, the director and I were talking and told me the need for a female chaplains because of the female officers," says Linda.

One of the new officers sworn in today was Danny Leach. Leach's cousin, Brian Vail, was a police officer in Henderson. He was killed in car accident earlier this month. Today, Vail's mother and sister presented Leach with his badge.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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