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12/28/03 - Longview

East Texans Make New Years Resolutions

      With Christmas over, east Texans now turn to the annual tradition of the new years resolution. For some it's losing weight, others more exercise, or quitting smoking or saving money. The tradition of the new years resolution is alive and well.

     "I want to live a healthier life and spend more time with my grand kids" says Missouri visitor Sun Chin Weeks. "I'd like to be a better father and husband" says Longview resident Michael Jones.

     But some feel that making a resolution is useless unless its achievable. "If they make a resolution they ought to make one they can keep, or not make one" says Kilgore resident Dale Lomelino.

     Still others see it as a way to better their lives, even if it may be a lofty goal. "I think everybody should, its just like another goal in life, something to look forward to and test yourself" says student Billy Haynes.

     Tops on the list this year for resolutions from east Texans, more exercise and getting their finances in order. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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