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12/28/03-Smith County

Wet Roads Cause Traffic Headaches

East Texas roadways were slick and with holiday travelers itching to get home it made for a dangerous situation. Winona Fire Chief Tommy Brock had some advice for drivers.

"The weather is bad, I-20 is slick, they just need to slow down and pay attention to what they're doing driving down the highway."

That advice would have come in handy as dozens of accidents caused massive delays. AAA estimates 4.14 million people traveled Texas roads for Christmas this year. Lacy Goff was headed through East Texas on her way to Fort Worth. She narrowly avoided an accident with four other cars.

"There were some cars in front of me that kind of slowed down abruptly and I skidded over to the right lane and finally I was able to come to a stop," she said.

Others weren't so fortunate. A husband and wife walked away unhurt after their truck and trailer rolled over just west of Longview. Emergency crews say most of the time these accidents result in injuries.

"Nearly everyone of them we've worked, some of them have gone to the hospital," Brock said.

The back-ups caused by the accidents challenged peoples holiday cheer.
'Has this put kind of a damper on your travel?' "A little bit, yeah but I'd rather make sure everybody is O.K. before I head on, " Goff said.

It's that kind of warmth that helped people get through a cold and rainy day on East Texas roads. As of Sunday night, DPS is reporting no fatalities as a result of any of those accidents. Troopers warn on days like today it's best just to slow down and ere on the side of caution.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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