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Retired officers reunion in Longview

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- A big group of retired law officers gathered at the Roy Stone building in Longview. They've all worn the badge of a Longview police officer at one time and each year the retired officers get together.

"We'll ask each other, you ever miss that place down there, they get a big laugh. No you don't miss it , you miss the people you work with," says 27 year LPD veteran Lester Brown.

"We swap stories we talk about family and how everybody's doing but we also swap stories of funny things that happened," says former officer Clay Whittenburg.

"Oh I enjoy it seeing my old friends , not a lot of them left that went to work when I did," say 30 year LPD veteran Billy Ferguson.

Some have been retired for over 20 years. But all , at one time , put their lives on the line to serve. They remember, like all jobs, the highs and the lows and the risks of serving.

"Over your career you do things you never thought you would in your lifetime and we've shared those moments some good and some not so good, and we've been there and done it , and the new generation of officers is going to be the same way, not every day's happy not every days sad," says retired LPD officer Jon Thompson.

Around 30 retired officers from LPD attended today's gathering.

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