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12/27/03 - Longview

Wisconsin Mascot rails into Longview

              A furry mascot from a Wisconsin school is in Longview on a nationwide goodwill learning trip. "Ams" is his name, some call him antigo, he's a stuffed bulldog from a Wisconsin middle school classroom, who's on a train trek around the country, and he made his way to Longview this weekend.

    "Boy i tell you that dog is one lucky pooch" said Amtrak traveler John Wood. The teacher of an Antigo middle school class near Green Bay decided to educate her students on geography and math by sending "ams" on a trip across the country by train, but his stop in Longview did baffle some.

     "They said a dog and i said that's no good we don't handle live animals on the train and they said don't worry its a stuffed dog" said Amtrak agent Patrick Celton. Traveling on Amtrak, he carried good wishes to cities along the way. "Ams" has already traveled 8 thousand miles, in his own pet carrier, and has picked up cards and letters along the way in cities like Chicago , Seattle and Fort Worth, and he's picked up fans.

   "Sometimes they really lick me, i really like him ' said 3 year old fan Ian Smith. The Wisconsin class learns about each city as "ams" stops, and some see it as a way to bring good news and unity to people. "Ams" will stay the weekend then move on to Houston New Orleans Los Angeles and St. Louis, and no doubt pick up friends along the way. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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