Longtime East Texas Soldier Retires

A longtime East Texas soldier has decided give his family a unique present for the holidays, and retire from service. First Sergeant Ronald Moore of the 49th armored division Texas Guard unit has decided to call it a career after 33 years of service to his country.

"One has to face age... I've given over half my life to my country and I'm satisfied with that, I don't believe I would hesitate to do it again" says Moore. In 1969, he joined the Army's 101st airborne division at age 19, and became a Vietnam veteran.

Afterwards he went into the reserves, where he's been recalled numerous times during crisis situations, mobilizing for the Iraq war, even guarding the Gregg county airport after 9-11. "Anybody can wave a flag but it takes more commitment for yourself to step up put the uniform on and be counted and say I want to be one of them" Moore said.

His gift to his family this Christmas is retirement. "If he doesn't have a job... oh goodie, you're going to get to stay home with me now" says his wife of 34 years Laurel Moore.

At 53, Moore says serving his country has given his life meaning... "You have people who have never done anything in their life... A contented life is one that is full; not necessarily long" says Moore.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.