Many Happy Returns

Many Happy Returns

Now that Christmas has come and gone you would expect stores in east Texas to calm down a bit but that hasn't been the case.
The national retail federation says December 26th is one of the busiest days of the year, not for purchases, but for returns.
They estimate up to 6% of all items purchased for Christmas will have to be taken back.
At the Target in Tyler Friday, those returning gifts made up a large portion of customers.
Store manager Larry Edwards says there was a line outside waiting to get in and it didn't stop until around lunch.
He placed extra staff members at the service counters to handle the expected increase in returns as well as extra cashiers to handle the bargain shoppers.
Edwards says it's not the busiest they've ever been but it's still not a good place to be. "the service desk is not the place to be after Christmas because..... It gets pretty busy over there." Target employees like Christina Eckhoff say everyone has been pretty cordial with only a few problems. "Actually I haven't had any problems," she said. "Everybody has been really sweet today... We've found some gifts where they haven't gotten a receipt with some of the gifts so that's kind of been a problem."
Most of what was returned today was accepted, Target says as long as the clothes aren't worn and the toys and cd's aren't opened they'll take them back and you can pick up something that better suits your taste.
Other local retailers return policies: Circuit City: 30 days for most items.

Best Buy: 14 days for items like computers and cameras, 30 days for others.
Restocking fee of 15 percent for many items.
Credit only for games, videos, software and music.

Home Depot: 90 days refund with receipt.
Sales credit available beyond 90 days.

Office Depot: 14 days for most electronics and furniture, 30 days otherwise.
No refunds for digital cameras and some other items.

Radio Shack: 30 days on most items in sealed packaging.

Target: 90 days with receipt. Restocking fee of 15 percent on some items.

Walmart: 90 days on most items. 45 days on books, music, games and software.
15 days on computers.

Chris Gibson, reporting.