Marine Absent from Family's Christmas

One East Texas family is disappointed that their marine didn't come home for the holidays, but are keeping him close to there hearts today, because he is being re-deployed. For Louise Foster and her family of Wood County it's bittersweet, her son Joshua Foster, is a 4 year marine and was scheduled to be discharged and had told his family he would be home for the holidays, but had to tell his family he was being re-deployed back to the middle east.

"When he told me that it, I had a sinking feeling because as a mother I want to protect my son," said Louise Foster.

"I've never been so proud of my son ever, and yet I'm scared to death," said father Robert Foster.

As the Foster family gathered at their Wood county home, it was an almost solemn time, remembering a missing member, until the 21 year old marine called.

"It's just not the same without having him hear and knowing that he's getting ready to go back over is, just puts a dim light on the whole season," says Louise.

His job is dangerous, delivering armored vehicles to occupied Iraq, and his mother hopes he listens to some advice.

"You're going back over we both know that, it's gonna be hard on us but remember what we told you, keep your head down and don't take things for granted," Louise says.

Bob Hallmark reporting.