Mad Cow Has East Texas Ranchers Worried

For many East Texans in the beef industry, the news from Washington state that a mad cow disease case is suspected leaves them helplessly waiting to see how it will effect them. "Of course you just hope and pray that they it just they can't confirm that they have a case there but it doesn't look good" says Longview livestock dealer Randy Prince.

Many East Texas ranchers have been in the industry for generations , and they're worried that the news of mad cow may spell disaster. 70 year old Carlos Griffin's family have raised cattle on the same land near Kilgore since 1849, and a freeze on exports could drive many like him out of business.

"The result of it could be catastrophic, if it effects the market like they think it will, it would definitely effect our beef market because a large percent of our beef goes to export, it could ruin us" says longtime cattle rancher Carlos Griffin. But while the report is grim from Washington... Texas cattlemen are quick to point out, that there are no problems at all with Texas beef.

With an uncertain outcome, those in the beef industry are trying to keep a sense of humor about it. "I guarantee you my family is going to sit down to a prime rib dinner for Christmas tomorrow" says prince. The Washington case has been turned over to an English laboratory for verification. Bob Hallmark reporting.