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Fewer meals for Texas inmates

(KLTV) - Texas inmates are no longer getting a last meal, and now some are only getting two meals a day.

Brad Kelley is serving 20 years in the "All Red unit" in Iowa Park for assault and other crimes. His parents fear that the practice of cutting back on meals may effect Brad's health, and others like him.

The two meal deal will only be on Saturdays and Sundays, in about 35 state jails and transfer facilities. the decision was made to compensate for state wide budget challenges.

Roger Hughes tells us, "I don't think they feed them enough even in three meals a day so let alone cut back to two meals a day. It's propaganda."

Carmen Carter, who has been a victim of crime, surprisingly things the food move is unfair. "We want these people to start to learn how to better themselves. I feel that's a form of punishment, we punish all the time, we need some more constructive."

Kyle Welsh thinks otherwise. "If they didn't do anything wrong to get put in prison, they would be eating all kinds of good meals all the time."

As well as Kyle Byrum. "I agree with that, you know, they shouldn't necessarily be treated the best just cause they went to prison for something they did wrong."

The new meal plan has been approved by a dietitian and both meals will contain the same amount of food from each food group as three meals.

With this new meal plan, 2.8 million dollars will be saved.

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