Last Minute Shoppers Out On Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve, children begin dreaming of presents under the tree. Mothers bake cookies to nibble on, and men finally begin shopping.

Okay so it's not all men who wait 'til the day before Christmas, but a lot certainly do. Some had lists in hand and knew exactly what they were looking for, others didn't have a clue. Some say they make plans to do their shopping early, but just never get around to doing it until now.

"I plan to do this in September every year and it's always the last week before Christmas when I get it done," says Don Shannon.

Kris Shuseela can sympathize, "Basically all my gift buying is done today. I think with me it's turned into a tradition. I like the misery of it maybe."

"I really don't know what I'm doing. That's part of the challenge of the season," confesses Zach Snow.

Amy Tatum, reporting.