Murder Suicide In Cass County

A terrible story from the small Cass county town of Hughes Springs. Police say it's a double murder suicide.

24 year old Nyainna Oliver and her three year old son were found beaten to death on Sunday afternoon. Her boyfriend was dead of a gunshot wound.

Sunday afternoon neighbors at the Ironwood apartments in Hughes Springs smelled smoke and called police. "After I arrived here the neighbors had already forced the door open and had gone in and found Mr. Brown in the back bedroom there," says chief Randy Kennedy.

The fire never burned. It was smothered out.

Police say the murders began in the early morning hours on Sunday. 24 year old Nyainna Oliver and her three year old son were beaten to death with an unknown object. Police say hours later Brown set the fire then shot himself. "It appears that Mr. Brown murdered his girlfriend and three year old child because of a lovers quarrel. We found a suicide note to where he admitted to doing this," says chief Kennedy.

Police say Brown thought Oliver was seeing another man. The note was found inside his car parked behind the apartment. Also inside the car were mementos police believe Brown wanted their families to have.

Neighbors say they saw the couple fighting a lot. "Before all that had happened he was dragging her from the Sonic kicking and screaming. But that's an everyday thing them fighting and fussing. Everybody thought it was just an everyday thing. Nobody thought about it when it happened Sunday. They just thought it was the same old," says neighbor, Christina Sanchez. None of the Oliver's neighbors had any idea how far just another argument would go.

Amy Tatum reporting.