Police See Unique Counterfeit

On the eve of a holiday season where thousands of dollars are changing hands every minute,  Tyler police are warning retailers about an unusual counterfeit money scheme. Most counterfeiting cases we see around here, according to Tyler police, usually involve printing what's made to look like a 20 dollar bill. Today, police received a report of someone altering real money. Counterfeiters modified a five dollar bill to make it look like a fifty dollar bill.  It was passed today at Hastings on South Broadway. Hastings manager Sandi Loomis says, on a busy day, it was easy to miss.

"You use the counterfiet pen on it. Because it really is a bill, it goes right through with the counterfeit pen," said Loomis. "The only thing that's kind of amiss is that they leave Lincoln on the front of it."

Police say they've seen sporadic counterfeitting in the area this season, but so far, this is the only case of this type to be reported. No word on any suspects at this time. But retailers, especially should be on alert.