Traffic Increases As Christmas Approaches

The clock is ticking on tracking down that perfect gift. Only one more day of shopping until the big day. That urgency was felt today, as area parking lots were overflowing with traffic. 'Tis the season to be waiting in line... long lines.  As far as the eye could see, there wasn't a parking spot in sight at broadway square mall. So, bumper to bumper, they came, and searched, and waited in line.  Many were able to remain in good spirits.

"It is worth coming out here to do it, anytime to find a gift for a friend and family," said one shopper, no matter how long the wait.  "It doesn't matter. Whatever it takes, we've got to do it."

Another shopper said whe was willing to brave all of the traffic, no matter what it takes for Christmas.

For others, the waiting wasn't very fun.

"It gets very frustrating, I mean, cause,  you got to watch for accidents also," added one frustrated shopper.  "People just drive reckless this time of year to get what they want."

One shopper said he went to the mall two days ago and couldn't find a parking space so he left in frustration.  So is there an art to finding a parking spot? Yes, said one shopper.

"You just got to be cautious and look for cars coming out and you got to watch people coming out of stores and find the quickest and easiest parking places."

Of course, the long wait for a parking space didn't apply to everyone.  One lady was able to drive right up and pull directly into a parking spot.  Merry Christmas.