Volunteers Help Make Christmas For All Of East Texas

Thousands of east Texans will have presents to open and a warm meal to eat on Christmas day thanks to the hard work of volunteers.

One Longview woman puts off planning Christmas for her own family until she's made sure others have a happy holiday waiting for them

Sue Vaughn began helping at the Hiway 80 Rescue Mission a few years ago with her church. Every so often the senior adults would make a stop at the mission and prepare some good old fashioned meatloaf. "They're all here, they love it. So we just make meatloaf and they say this is just like mom's," says Sue.

But very quickly it became evident sue had a knack for getting things done.  Sue was put in charge of making sure all the cooking got done at Thanksgving. Now she's back again for Christmas.   She takes her job very seriously. Sue hasn't even had the chance to plan a meal for her own family or even finish her Christmas shopping.

"Oh I haven't done that yet. I'll have to find time later to make dinner and to buy the gifts for my family but right now this is important because it's just something that I think is necessary to give back to the community because I've been given so much."

Sue has a love for others she's passing down to her family.  "Show my grandchildren that there are needs out there and they have so much and they need to see what others don't have."

Though Sue still has shopping to do, she's already given a true gift this Christmas.  Sue and the other volunteers will make enough food to feed around 16,00 people in Gregg county this Christmas.

Amy Tatum reporting.