Grow Your Business - Digital

Pros - Internet advertising provides businesses with a great avenue to reach consumers. Businesses have the opportunity to interact with their potential clients through banner ads, search ads, directories, video and more.  Internet usage has grown substantially over the last few years, particularly in the mobile sector due to the widespread rise of smartphones. As Internet usage increases, opportunities for advertising do as well.  Internet advertising gives businesses the ability to send consumers directly to special offers, and the option of making purchases instantly. Internet advertising is the most precisely measurable advertising medium.  Ads can be tracked in many ways, including the number of times an ad is displayed as well as the number of times that an ad is clicked on.  The ever growing possibilities with the Internet continue to provide businesses with new ways to reach potential customers.

Cons - Internet advertising is a new and constantly evolving form of advertising.  This creates the need for advertisers to be well educated and keep up with trends in the industry.  Another challenge is that many businesses are unsure in how to best capitalize on Internet advertising leads.