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Your hair stylist could save your life

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Hair stylist Victoria Jimmerson doesn't just want her customers to look fabulous after a day at the salon with her. Victoria says she also wants to make sure they're safe.

"That's my job to look before I get started," said Jimmerson.

Jimmerson calls herself an advocate for her customers, always checking their scalps for anything that might look a little strange.

"If it's raised and a certain level above of the scalp and if it has a rough edge," said Jimmerson.

Jimmerson knows what it's like to have something abnormal in a hard to see spot.

"I have a skin disorder and it's called Sebaceous Cysts. They can be anywhere on your body well I have them on my scalp so I guess it's something that I look for in people because I have something like it," said Jimmerson.

Dr. Lawrence Anderson says hair stylists are some of the best at spotting cancerous spots on your scalp.

"They are constantly looking at people's skin, their head and neck in particular. The hair particularly is a difficult place for patients to examine on their own so probably ten to 20 to 30 times a year we'll get a referral in from a beauty operator or a barber," said Dr. Lawrence Anderson, Dermatologist.

Anderson says the key to detecting cancer, or a skin disorder early on is by staying proactive.

So next time you pay a visit to your hair stylist make sure you ask them to check your scalp.

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