Longview Sailor Ties the Knot

A Longview sailor has come home on leave to tie a different kind of knot. Minutes seemed to drag like hours as 21 year old English born Stephen Benson waited to marry his sweetheart. The U.S.S. Boxer crewman had taken 10 days leave to come home to make the commitment of his life.

"I'm anxious to see her I' m ready to see her, see how beautiful she is" says Stephen. Stephen's bride had waited for this day, and like all brides wanted it to be perfect.

"Its beautiful, beautiful.  Couldn't be more pleased" says bride April Petty. Around a hundred friends and family came to the wedding, and Stephen's friend, a marine came from North Carolina to attend.

"I actually think this will be good for him he needs someone to whoop him into shape" said friend Mark Rash. For many it was like something from a storybook, a dashing sailor and a beautiful bride.

"Oh I can't tell you my heart is so full of pride for him, he's doing what' he's meant to do he's we're so proud of him defending our peace and freedom" said Stephen's mother Pamela Benson.

With his father performing the ceremony,  Stephen and April became husband and wife. The newlyweds will honeymoon in a cabin at Caddo lake, and Stephen will return to duty in San Diego the day after Christmas.

Bob Hallmark  reporting.