Last Shopping Weekend Before Christmas

Retail parking lots were jammed to overflowing as Longview shoppers were out in force on the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

"Its crazy because the people are walking buy and they've got this focus, like they're on a mission to get a gift," said Longview mall vendor Reagan Sapp.

For many it is a frenzied scramble to find a gift for that person who is hard to buy for.

"My dad... He's got everything and when you've got everything its hard to get something for him," said Longview shopper Cynthia Williams.

"I'm out today looking for last minute items... Little stocking stuffers," said Lone Star shopper Mary Spearman.

Some, like retailers who make a large percentage of their annual income in December, are really enjoying it.

"It is so wonderful, everybodys coming in getting gift sets getting last minute Christmas items,"said salesperson Shandricka Walker.

But not all are having a good time.

"Oh yes its very frustrating so many people here I cannot wait until Christmas is over," said shopper Sammie Spearman.

Only 4 shopping days left until Christmas.

Bob Hallmark reporting.