Local Retailer Gives Back

The East Texas Crisis Center and Stein Mart in Tyler have teamed up this year to help make a better Christmas for some local families. A "Giving Tree" has been setup inside the store on South Broadway for weeks displaying the names of about 50 East Texas women and children. Shoppers can donate gifts purchased at the store or just bring something in.

Stein Mart spokesperson Judy Archillia says for the store, it's a way to give back to the community.
"We just felt like when people are in a domestic violence situation when they leave, they leave suddenly they don't have anything with them, so we just kind of felt like that was someplace that we wanted to help."

Saturday afternoon there were about 20 names left on the tree. If you would like to help you can stop by with a gift. The giving tree will be set-up until Monday.

Chris Gibson, reporting