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Truck with equipment for Obama stolen before event

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - It's not clear whether the thieves who stole a truck outside a hotel near Richmond, Virginia yesterday knew what they were taking.

If they opened the back, they would have found sound equipment, lecterns and presidential seals -- sent from the White House for President Barack Obama's trip to Virginia.

Authorities aren't saying much about it. According to Richmond TV stations, the truck was found later yesterday at another hotel. But nobody's saying if the items inside were located. And no arrests were reported.

The Secret Service says it's not the agency's problem. A spokesman says, "Not our equipment, not our truck."

The Pentagon unit that owns the vehicle says no classified or sensitive information was in it. But the agency isn't saying much else.

Despite the theft, preparations for Obama's visit to a fire station near Richmond are continuing. About 20 workers were at the facility today, setting up the stage and the lights, and even a lectern. But a fire department spokesman says it was wrapped in cloth, so he couldn't tell if it had the official presidential seal.

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