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ETX students take to the garden

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Harvest season is here and kids from one East Texas school are getting their hands dirty harvesting their school vegetables.

It stems from the root of being healthy, having a garden.

"You can taste the difference in the food whenever you plant it than whenever you buy it at the store," says Abbie Sharp, student at Trinity School of Texas.

Kids at the Trinity School of Texas are learning how to build, plant, and maintain their own garden.

Kate Sparks a fifth grader from the school says, "We planted the seeds at first, and then we came back and watered them everyday, than today we came and harvest."

It didn't take long for these young "kinder-gardeners" to see results. "Seeds weren't even growing and then the ones that have grown a little bit, were like this tall," says student Wyatt Scott holding his hands in the air.

The schools Wellness Committee wanted to have a garden to help teach the children about good health, and fresh produce.  So with the help of a local church, parents, and students, they got it built.

"I think they've been pretty interested in seeing that it's not just going to the grocery store in getting food, there's actual work that goes into it," says Gary Whitwell the head of the school.

Whitwell says the kids have enjoyed eating the vegetables that they planted and have even had salads for lunch!

"I think it's just a good healthy activity and I think the kids will develop some appreciation for vegetables and healthy eating," says Whitwell.

From four years old to 12 years old, the Trinity School of Texas students are developing dedication, work ethic, and most of all, healthy eating habits.

The students have grown lettuce, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, peas,and much more. The school plans to add on to the garden next year, and hopefully have enough produce to benefit some of the local food pantries.

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