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Better East Texas: Hank Williams Jr.

By Pat Stacey

Hank Williams Junior, country and western icon put his foot in his mouth when he described the golf game between President Obama and House Speaker Boehner as akin to a game between Hitler and Netanyahu. 

Now my first question is – why in the world is Hank Williams Junior commenting on politics at all?  The guy is a music legend not apolitical pundit.  So it was ridiculous for Fox news to have him on seeking his comments – we see this all the time, the major networks looking for anyone with a famous face to step up and spew whatever is on their mind at the moment and occasionally an apology follows. 

Hank, Junior has been on the fringe of the political arena for years and is a staunch republican but his gift is music and he needs to continue to make great music.  As for the networks, everyone has their right to have and voice their opinion but these programs shouldn't position themselves as news but rather as editorial segments.  It made this music legend look bad and it cost him, at least temporarily, his slot opening Monday Night Football and it was completely unnecessary. 

Williams has apologized and for his sake, I hope it is the last time he considers a stunt like that.  But ultimately, I doubt much will change, especially on slow news days.  I am embarrassed for Bocephus and I hope and I am certain that he will bounce back – it will help the music scene and make for a Better East Texas.

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