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Pharmacy offers needle-free flu shots

Pharmacy offers needle-free flu shots

HENDERSON, TX (KLTV) - For people with a fear of needles, getting that yearly flu shot is out of the question.
But, some East Texas pharmacies are offering an alternative-- it's a shot without a needle.
Experts said it's not a new technology, but it's new to mainstream medicine in the United States.

This is the PharmaJet. It is a new way pharmacists at this East Texas Kroger are administering the flu shot.

"The key to this new vaccine is that there is not a needle on here," said Pharmacist Jeri Wilkerson.

No needles... just a syringe and a spring.

"The spring actually pushes the medication through the layers of the skin and into the muscle," said Wilkerson.

Pushes it in using 3,000 pounds of air pressure. That's about a quarter the PSI of a bullet shooting out of a .38 caliber gun. But, you'd never know it.

"You still feel it but you don't see a giant needle sticking in your arm," said

But, for others the whole concept is just too different.

"I would probably do the nasal one versus the air pressure one," said one East Texan.

"I just can't see it... not for me.. I wouldn't trust it," said another.

"Some people are just terrified of needles so it provides them with more ease," said Wilkerson.

Wilkerson said the needle-free shot provides less waste since the syringes are recyclable.
She said she hopes this flu shot alternative will encourage more people to get vaccinated.

Pharmacists said the PharmaJet can pose the same side effects of a regular needle shot like soreness, redness and swelling at the injection site.
They also said the PharmaJet can be used to administer vaccines like tetanus and pneumonia.

The only East Texas pharmacies that we found to offer this type of shot were the Kroger Pharmacies in Henderson, Longview and Palestine.

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