Longview Couple Keeps Holiday Spirit

One Longview couple has become synonymous with the holiday spirit in a unique way. They are a couple of the most recognizable people in Longview.

Ulysses and Velma Johnson are always together and always spreading their own brand of cheer to others. "Having fun, walking, doing fine, having friends. We talk and say, lets just make every day be happy," says Mrs. Johnson.

The retired couple do some of their best work at this time of year, playing Mr. And Mrs Santa Claus at rest homes and visiting people in hospitals. They are always coordinated, everyday wearing identical outfits.

"I can always keep up with her.  I know what shes looks like and everything, I don't get her mixed up with nobody else," said the 78 year old Mr. Johnson. In a world that can often be hostile, they try to bring happiness to others with their gentle charm. Instead of sorrowing over the past, they take joy in how good life can be.

"I just enjoy seeing people happy. It gives me a thrill to see where we came from up to now. It has been wonderful," said Mr. Johnson.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.