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12/18/03 - Tyler

Smith County Sheriff Upset Over Newspaper Articles

In a surprising move today, Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith called a press conference challenging the Tyler Morning Telegraph. At question are two articles which appeared in the paper earlier this week dealing with Smith County jail overcrowding. Smith feels comments he made about two Smith County commissioners were misquoted, and says there was more to the story than what was mentioned in the paper.

"All I ask is for the newspaper to do what's right, that's all I ask. I want to be treated fairly also and I don't think we've been treated fairly on these two particular articles," said Smith.

Tyler Morning Telegraph Executive Editor Jim Giametta did not want to go on camera, but did issue a statement.

"We've been fair in our handling of the situation at the jail and we'll continue to be fair on any future story concerning the jail," Giametta said.

Sheriff Smith said he has not asked for a retraction on anything the paper has printed.

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