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Murchison rescue sanctuary holds open house

MURCHISON, TX (KLTV) - Its a little known, but much needed, animal rescue and habitat facility in East Texas that gives domestic and exotic animals a second chance at life. From chimpanzees, to horses, to camels, buffalo to African elans. Animals that all had no chance , until they came to the Black Beauty ranch animal sanctuary in Murchison.

"Currently we have about 1250 acres, 1100 animals and about 48 species, of course being raised in captivity, they can never be released, so we give them as close to a natural environment as possible with enrichment programs," says ranch director Ben Callison.

Some survived horrific biomedical clinical testing before being rescued by Black Beauty ranch.

"We have a lot of primates that came out of research, research facilities where basically they came out of 10 foot cages , the chimps, our macacs came out of small enclosures in which they were squeezed," Collison says.

In an open house, the public was able to see the animals up close, and learn their stories.

"Pretty cool, a friendly zoo that like gives its animals as much room as they like you know," says 13 year old visitor Mike Mattine.

A haven for animals that once had no future.

"We open up to the public , we can tell them their stories , these animals can become ambassadors," says Collison.

Black Beauty Ranch is totally funded by private donations. If you want to know more about the ranch, visit the Big Red Box.

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