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ETX dog loves to zipline

NEW YORK, TX (KLTV) - Every dog has its day and today was Winston's. Meet seven-year-old Winston.

"I bought him on my fifteenth birthday. I called my mom and dad and asked them if I could buy a dog and they said no of course. And then I informed them that I had already bought him. So whenever I showed up home and I had this dog mom didn't like him at first but now he has his own leather couch and he's spoiled rotten," says Winston's owner, Carson Shultz.

With the cutest puppy dog eyes, he is hard not to like, and his Facebook page proves it.

"His Facebook page has more friends than mine does," says New York, Texas Zipline Adventure employee, Jason Crane.

It's not just his good looks that have gained him popularity, but his unusual sport.

Winston ziplines; that's right, ziplines. His family converted their property into a ziplining course. Since Winston is family, he rides for free.

"We've kind of made Winston our official mascot," Shultz says.

You can even buy a shirt with his face on it.

"Oh yeah, this is dad's favorite son now; he's the man of the house and gets anything he wants," Shultz says with a smile on his face.

As Winston gulps down a popsicle on the porch, his co-workers come to an agreement.

"We like to think that Chuck is the boss, but we're pretty sure Winston is calling the shots from behind the house," Crane says.

 An unexpected East Texas celebrity who has more fans than he knows.

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