Grow Your Business - Newspapers

Pros - Newspapers allow advertisers to present detailed ads with in-depth information not available in most other media. Multiple copy points may be addressed or details may be given on a single offer or service. Newspaper advertising is customizable, allowing the advertiser to run nearly any size ad they wish. An ad might be as simple as a few lines or as large and complex as a complete two page double-truck spread with multiple co-op products. Newspaper readers are typically better educated and upper income. Newspapers also offer the opportunity for couponing and targeted offers in certain markets.

Cons - With the rise of 24 hour news networks, Internet, and mobile news consumption in the last two decades, Newspaper readership has been in steady decline. A new generation of news consumer has emerged who are accustomed to instant updates and on demand access to information anywhere, anytime. The better educated and upper income readers that have traditionally supported Newspapers also tend to be early adopters of technology, moving toward instantly updated media formats. As subscriptions decline, budgets have tightened, leading to less coverage and further readership decline. Couponing and comparison shopping has largely moved online because of convenience to the consumer.

Total Number of Households in Smith County: 78,420

Total Number of Households in Gregg County: 44,930

Households in East Texas: 346,490

Tyler Morning Telegraph – 3rd Quarter 2012 Circulation

Monday – Saturday:

22,813 papers published daily

29.1% of Smith County

6.6% of East Texas

Sunday: 27,196 papers published daily

34.7% of Smith County

7.8% of East Texas

Longview News Journal – 3rd Quarter 2012 Circulation


20,488 papers published daily

45.6% of Gregg County

5.9% of East Texas

Sunday: 24,078 papers published daily

53.6% of Gregg County

6.9% of East Texas

Sources: Audit Bureau of Circulations 3rd Quarter 2012 Publisher's Statements

Nielsen Media Research Oct 2012 Universe Estimates