Kevin Eltife Running for TX Senate

Today Kevin Eltife announced his candidacy for the Texas Senate, district 1. Family, friends, and community members gathered at the Tyler Rose Garden Center to support Eltife's campaign. Supporters included Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Eltife says he wants to take the same tax-cutting approach he used while he was mayor of Tyler.

"We have to work on school finance reform," Eltife said. "People can no longer pay property taxes. They're out of control. And when you go to the tax office on January 31st, you see people waiting in line to pay their taxes. And they need to be lowered. And I want to work on school finance reform at the state Senate."

Eltife served three terms as Tyler mayor before Joey Seeber took over. Eltife says he prides himself on running city government like a business. He says he wants to continue to use those strategies at the Senate, if elected.

Julie Tam, reporting.