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Does It Work?-4/18/06

Eurosealer: "Does It Work?"

It's always disappointing to reach into the pantry and find a bag of stale chips. But there's a product out there that claims it can put an end to all that. You've probably seen the Eurosealer on TV and this week we put it to the "Does It Work?" test.

The Eurosealer's about the size of a computer mouse. In fact, it kind of looks like one.

"Seals food fresh," the makers say. It's supposed to keep the flavor, the texture and the nutrients inside the original bag for things like snack foods, vegetables and pretty much any food that comes in a bag. We used a couple bags of chips, a bag of pecans and a bag of marshmallows for our test.

The secret behind the Eurosealer is a tiny little wire embedded in a pad just on the inside edge of the device. It takes two AA batteries. In theory, operation of the Eurosealer is pretty easy. But the instructions warn, it takes practice to get what they call, "the feel of the seal."

The Eurosealer worked about every other time on the bags of chips and the pecan bag. But we never really got an airtight seal.

The bag of marshmallows was a different story. The softer, thinner plastic did not do well under the heat and pressure of the Eurosealer. Each time, the Eurosealer cut right through the bag.

Regardless of the plastic, we found there was a fine line between holding the Eurosealer closed long enough to melt the bags closed and holding it so long that it burned a hole through it or tore the bag.

We also tried to recreate the trick shown on the back of the Eurosealer package. They took a bag of water, heat sealed it down the middle and put blue water on one side and clear water on the other. We made several attempts with no success.

You should know the Eurosealer comes with its own opener, which works pretty well. But when it was time to close it up, we were reminded just how difficult this thing is to use, how particular the Eurosealer is about how you hold the bag, where you start on the bag, how long you should take when you drag it across a bag. And even then, an airtight seal is no guarantee at all.

So, Does It Work? It depends on how much you're willing to go through. The best we can give the Eurosealer, is a "Maybe."

We paid $7.99 for the Eurosealer.

Joe Terrell, reporting.

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