City Meets With Residents Over Proposed Drilling

About 200 residents showed up Tuesday night at the TASCA Ornelas Activity Center in Tyler to voice their concerns and have their questions answered over a lease signed last week with CW Resources. The lease allows for oil and natural gas drilling on property owned by the city, surrounding the lake.

The city owns mineral rights to the land and leases property to homeowners. City Manager Bob Turner says the city is working with residents. "This really was a meeting out of courtesy," he said. "Primarily the city council had already made the decision so this wasn't an opportunity to change the decision this was just an opportunity to hear the residents, to hear some of the concerns... I think we probably heard that tonight."
 Residents like Robert Arms, who lives on Lake Tyler, say they just hope promises made to them about the drilling come true. "Hopefully there will be no problem,"he said. "If they develop this gas production the way they say they will, we should not have any problem... You just never know."

Early estimates show the city could see about $16 million in royalties from the drilling. CW Resources plans to begin drilling around Lake Tyler in the early part of next year.

Chris Gibson, reporting