Elementary Newscasters

"Good morning, Bell Elementary. Welcome to channel B.E.A.R., home of the Bell Bears. I'm Patrick Bosley, your news anchor. And I'm Josie Perez, your co-anchor," comes over the closed-circuit television network every morning at the start of the school day.

It's an innovative way to make the morning announcements: today's lunch menu, upcoming events... Five fifth graders go live at 8 A.M. to the entire school from their news set in the library.

"It just feels really good to be able to talk to everyone without actually being in the same room," co-anchor Patrick Bosley said.

Students watching from their classrooms can find out about sports and weather: "It will be windy, with highs in the lower 50s," weathercaster Trai Griffin announces.

They can even see what's in the lost-and-found. Teachers and administrators appear on set for live interviews.

"It feels kind of good," co-anchor Josie Perez said. "Sometimes I do get kind of nervous because I am a little camera shy, but I just go on and do it."

"After you get past the first part, like right when you get on the news, it's a breeze," Griffin said.

These kids know what it's like to be recognized on campus.

"Especially the little ones. They're like ooh, there's Patrick, look!" Bosley said.

"We want the kids to be able to look up to them," school counselor Beverly Minson said.

Minson encourages responsiblity, teamwork, and a good work ethic.

"I'm just amazed at how comfortable they are," Minson said.

That includes the man behind the camera.

"I love operating cameras," camera operator Billy Groom said.

Perhaps in another 10 or 15 years, these kids will be giving you the news. The students rotate every week, so each person can have a chance to try each job. Every six weeks, a new group of students delivers the newscast.

Julie Tam, reporting.