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Huckabee visits East Texas

BULLARD, TX (KLTV) - Former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, delivered a speech at the Brook Hill School Monday evening.

The governor worked with an East Texas student to kick off the annual Founder's Day ceremony with a passion they both share.

"I've played music my whole life really. I played the viola through fifth grade..when I moved to Texas I picked up the guitar," says Paul Ruark, a senior at Brook Hill School.

"I'm a strong advocate for music and arts in the schools and I think one of the dumbest things in America is when schools budgets have cut music and arts," says Governor Huckabee.  

Paul and his mother worked together to write a song called, "Keep Your Change," the words so powerful that they opened up several opportunities for the young musician.  

"When I played at the Tyler Tea Party I met who is now my manager and he said, 'we want you to record this song, put a band to it and everything and we'll take you up to Nashville and shoot your music video'"

Paul says he jumped at the opportunity to follow a dream he has had since a child. Some of his new fans he met while in Tennessee include politicians like Herman Cain.

In fact, Cain was such a big fan of Paul, that he invited him to tour with him in Iowa. While playing at the Straw Poll, Paul met Governor Huckabee, and only a few short months later, he found himself sharing a stage with Huckabee on his own school's campus.

"Oh yeah, he can really get down on that bass, oh yeah," says Paul.

Before giving the keynote speech, Governor Huckabee answered a few questions about the presidential race. 

As of right now, he believes the race is very fluid and whoever may be a  front runner right now could be easily forgotten at the end of the race.

"When people act like it's all set, it isn't. There is a lot to happen in the Republican Primary and I think it's anybody's nomination at this point," he says.

Right now, Huckabee is not endorsing any one candidate more than another. He says he is very good friends with most of the Republican nominees and will support whoever wins the Republican Presidential Nomination.

Huckabee says religion is not the biggest issue in this race, although sometimes it can be a distraction from what is most important in the race. He says it is all about whether or not the candidate can lead this country. 

"I've known a lot of great public servants who have been members of the Mormon church. The fact is, I never appreciated anyone who thinks that somehow I am crazy because I'm an evangelical, which I am....we shouldn't make those kinds of judgements about other people's faiths," Governor Huckabee says.

As for Herman Cain, Huckabee says he is getting a lot of attention because he speaks clearly.

"I've known Herman for a number of years; I like him, he's a great guy. His authenticity is what people are relating to. I think that right now he is on fire," the governor says.

When asked if he would consider running for president in the future he did not hesitate.

"Sure, I don't rule anything out. I think there is a possibility in the future. I'd like to think I'm still a relatively young guy. Actually, I'm not but relatively speaking...," Huckabee says with a grin on his face.

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