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One rainy day doesn't make the burn ban go away

BULLARD, TX (KLTV) - Illegal burning was the cause for a structure fire Sunday night.

It happened just after 6 p.m., in the 15,000 block of Garnett Road in Bullard.

The man who started it said he thought it was ok to burn trash outside because it rained.

But fire officials say it's going to take more than a day's worth of rain to lift the burn bans.

"People see a little bit of rain and they think they can run out there and burn their trash," says Smith County Fire Marshal Connie Wasson.

And that's exactly what one East Texas man thought when he accidentally burned down his barn because he was burning trash outside.

"I did speak to the homeowner, but because of what happened, he wasn't comfortable with going on camera. He did mention, however, that because of the
rain, he thought it was ok to burn his trash outside... As a result, ended up burning down his barn and getting ticketed by the Sheriff's Office," explained Wasson.
"They've got to realize that the ground is so dry, that a little bit of rain--it's going to soak it up and as quick as the sun comes out everything's going to be just as dry as it was before," said Wasson.

Wasson says lots of illegal burning goes on around East Texas after we get rain, just like we did this weekend.

Wasson says that even though East Texas saw some rain, only a substantial amount of rain will make a difference.

Storm Tracker 7 Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto believes that it would take three to five inches of rain over a two to three day period before some counties would even consider dropping burn bans.

Mark says even though one area may get tons of rain for a couple of days, that may not be the case for another city in the same county. Meaning it could take a while until the burn ban is lifted in that county.

Fire officials says the burn ban in Smith County has been extended for another three months.

Smith County Fire Marshals say you can receive a fine up to one thousand dollars, or up to 180 days in jail for illegal burning.

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