Students Raise Money For Needy Families

It's just days 'til Christmas and there are still some angels left on the angel tree waiting to be picked up. A group of White Oak students decided to do something about it.

"We bring nickles and dimes and put in our own box," says Nicholas Crossland, a 3rd grader.

"And so far we've collected over $1000 in three days of doing it," says 5th grader Kaleb Black.

They've been successful working together but here comes the fun part.  "We bring quarters and put in other people's box because the quarters are bombs," says Nicholas. For each quarter found in a jar 25 additional cents are subtracted from that teacher.

The game isn't just for fun. The money collected goes to buy Christmas presents for five needy families.

"It means that they're caing about others that they want others to have a good Christmas too," says 4th grader Bailee Callens.

The quarters used as bombs won't go to waste.  They will also go towards needy families this Christmas. Monday was the last day of the peace war.

Amy Tatum reporting.