Mother of Army Soldiers Doubts Capture Will End Iraq Attacks

Maggie Whitton's son, Sgt. John Whitton is a helicopter engineer in Iraq.

"He called early yesterday morning and told my daughter in law that they had gotten him," she says.

Back at home, Maggie Whitton hopes -- somehow -- the capture will speed up the job of the military.

"Maybe if [insurgents] get the idea -- whoever is out there -- that is supporting them. Now that they realize if [Saddam] can be captured they can too. "

Saddam was, himself, little threat to the 35 year old on board flight engineer. It is Hussein's supporters who sometimes fire at helicopters -- those John is in all the time.

"I don't think [the capture] is going to make much difference. Those people don't know what the word 'democracy' means."

John was in Desert Storm as a full time soldier. Now he's a reservist, with a family.

"He believes that he will be home in March. We're hoping and praying that he will."

Wife DeeAnn and three-year-old Madison miss John so much. If he comes home in March, his mother says there probably won't be any going back.

"He never realized how [being in this war] would affect him, until he had to go to Iraq and leave his wife and child."

He served his country,  now his mother says it's time to serve as full time husband and father.

"He nearly cries everytime he calls home, because he misses his baby so much."