Muslims Glad Saddam Is In Custody

Muslims in East Texas say they couldn't be happier that Iraqis are now free from Saddam's reign of terror. A few men gathered at the mosque in Tyler today to pray and reflect on what should be done to the former Iraqi dictator.

"He showed us what kind of coward he really was," Anwar Khalifa, spokesperson for the East Texas Islamic Society, said. "Personally, I think he should be kept alive and tortured for the rest of his life and keep him alive as long as possible and torture him as much as possible, just like he did to his people."

"He needs to be kept alive for sure and make an example for other people who are going in that direction," Shehzad Esghar, a Muslim, said.

The East Texas Islamic Society says its community backs the work of coalition troops in rooting out Saddam's loyalists. Muslims here also hope U.S. soldiers will get to return home soon.

Julie Tam, reporting.