East Texans React to Hussein Capture

For many in Longview the capture of Saddam Hussein has solidified their opinion that U.Ss action was right.

"Well I'm glad he's caught our troops have done a wonderful job over there they deserve three cheers," said Patsy Kirk of Ore City.

"I hope they give him to Iraq.  I hope they punish him," said Longview resident Paul Russell.

Paulette Sullivan's son Matthew just returned to Iraq after leave, and she and her grandson hope the news means Matthew will be coming home soon.

"Its a relief, really a relief," said Sullivan.  "It's not over, but it allows the troops an opportunity to complete their task and maybe get home sooner."

"I hope for my daddy to come home," said Matthew Sullivan's 7-year-old son Ryan, "but he still has to stay in the army."

Many just hope the worst is over.  Young and old say the troops have done their jobs and want all to come home .

"Well I think about the families and everything and they get a chance to come home to their family" said Longview resident Ulysses Johnson Sr.

Bob Hallmark reporting.