Saddam Hussein after his capture.
Saddam Hussein after his capture.

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After nine months of scurrying from house to house, Saddam Hussein appeared to be a tired, resigned man who offered no resistance when U.S. troops extracted him from a hole in a rural farmhouse Saturday night.

L. Paul Bremer, head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, announced Sunday morning, "Ladies and gentlemen, we got him."

The audience responded with cheers, and Iraqis took to Baghdad streets dancing, doling out candy and firing rifles into the air. But in Tikrit -- Saddam's ancestral hometown and a base of loyalty to him -- the streets were quiet.

President Bush will address the nation at noon Sunday about the capture of Saddam.

Coalition video showed the ventilated "spider hole" six to eight feet underground where Saddam was hiding with two other men, who have not yet been identified. The video showed Saddam with graying hair and a long beard, undergoing a medical examination after his capture.

Several Iraqi journalists stood up and shouted "Death to Saddam" after the video was shown.

"I'm very happy for the Iraqi people. Life is going to be safer now," 35-year-old Yehya Hassan, a resident of Baghdad, told The Associated Press. "Now we can start a new beginning."