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Jobs changes jobs for E. Texans

By Jamey Boyum

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - With Steve Job's death, many of us who are of a certain wisdom, recall a time when his inventions changed lives, and many careers. He took us from a manual, hands-on world to an electronic, hands-on world.

Some East Texans who had to adapt to survive, and are pretty happy with the outcome.

Sharpening pencils is something Scott Frazier doesn't do much anymore, thanks to Apple, and Steve Jobs.

"Old School was when an art director was actually an artist, and had to draw a picture," joked Frazier of Frazier Marketing Advisory.

That was what the client saw and eventually approved a concept piece. Then photos were taken and copy was printed and it was all cut and pasted together with rubber cement. In 1989, Scott discovered a different cut and paste on a Mac.

"We have ideas, instead of copying them up the old way; we create them in the computer. And, we can spit out as many versions of an ad that we want to," says Frazier.

And now he doesn't have to print anything. He shows the client his work with an iPhone instead of that primitive cardboard stuff. Frazier happily adapted.

At Rosewood Studios, Greg Hunt recalls the expensive and tedious days of recording and editing tape, but he didn't know any better back then. Now, it's glowing screens of Apple magic.

"It's immediate," says Hunt, "The editing ability, it's amazing. All the manipulation that can be done with audio through these digital audio work stations."

Also thanks to Jobs, Hunt's office is where his iPhone is. All his client information is linked to it.

Greg just hopes Apple's innovation continues because he feels, "[Jobs was a] great Loss. He was obviously a brilliant, brilliant guy."

So, for Frazier, most of his pencils wound up here, and for Greg, well, his tape decks are in the old equipment grave room.

May they all rest in peace.

You may not have realized how much Steve Jobs changed the recording industry, but it also changed how music is distributed with iTunes.

How has Apple changed your life?

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