Bikers Deliver Toys to Gladewater Kids

Some Longview bikers are making it a happy Christmas for kids with specials needs in Gladewater. They are the children that Christmas too often does not visit, those with debilitating handicaps at Truman Smith care center, but every December they area remembered by a group of bikers from Longview in the annual "moms biker bar toy run".

"To see the looks on those childrens faces when we come riding up theres nothing better in this world, that's what the seasons all about to see those eyes light up" says biker Trip Winfield who played Santa for the kids this year. For the past eight years, bikers from different clubs around East Texas have banded together to buy toys for the kids... And deliver them in style... Complete with Santa and a sleigh.

"It makes me feel good and I'm glad to help them" according to fellow biker Dick Tracy. Thousands of dollars in toys are given each years, this year even teddy bears donated by the sheriffs department. And the bikers take something special with them from the experience.

"Makes you warm inside when you see kids like this and to be able to do that for them makes you light up not just them but you" said Hallsville biker Rhonda Layman. The group also delivered 17-hundred dollars in donations to the center. Bob Hallmark reporting.