Speeders Create Danger in Longview School Zone

Parents are worried about dangerous speeding putting their children at risk near a Longview campus. Fairmont street in front of Pine Tree high school has a posted speed limit of 30 miles per hour, but that doesn't stop many from speeding through the area.

It's commonly used as a crossover street to avoid busier roadways during morning and afternoon work rush.  It also has a lot of school-kid traffic and there have been many close calls with kids crossing the street.

"Car looked like it was slowing down and I started walking across the street and it went right behind my backpack and almost hit me" said 12 year old student Taylor Stevens. Although it's patrolled by police, many continue to ignore the posted speed limits. The school superintendent was even taken back when he saw the speed infractions.

"We're fortunate that we have not had one hit out here in several years but one is too many so we ask that you watch our school zone and please try to obey the speed limits" said pine tree superintendent Joe Dan Lee. Numerous tickets were given out. Parents are hoping motorists will just use some sense and slow down.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.