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Palestine Police investigate child death

PALESTINE, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas child has died and authorities are investigating the cause.

Officials say no one is being blamed for the death right now., but CPS is taking no chances and has removed the child's siblings, including a two-day-old infant, from their home.

Palestine Police say on September 1, EMS was called to an apartment building by the child's step-father.

EMS told Palestine Police they believed the child, a two-year-old boy, was having a seizure.

He was transported to Palestine Regional Medical Center and later taken to Children's Hospital in Dallas where he died a week later.

CPS says the boy had massive bleeding on his brain and finger-tip sized bruises on his arm.

They filed an emergency request for custody of the boy's six and seven year old brothers, which was granted.

An official autopsy has not been released, but Palestine Police say the boy died from a head injury.

They say they're investigating what caused that injury but for now

They have no evidence that someone has done something wrong and is at fault for the child's death.

For now they're waiting on a ruling from the medical examiner.

On Tuesday, the mother of those three boys gave birth to another child, in Jacksonville.

CPS says they now have custody of that child, too.

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