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Is your pumpkin illegal?

(KLTV) - Jack-O-Lanterns are beginning to appear outside East Texas homes in anticipation of Halloween.

However, fire marshals say this year with the wildfire danger still around, using candles might not be the best idea.

Whether they're tiny, large or wart- like nothing says falls here like a pumpkin patch.
Fester Coffee- Prose says when it comes to getting into the Halloween spirit many make sure to stop here.

"A few of them get some of the smaller ones to decorate and put on the porch a few of the folks talked about craving them up and using them as jack-O-lanterns just about what any of us would use a pumpkin for this time of year ," said Fester Coffee- Prose, in charge of pumpkin patch at First Christian Church.

While in past years it's been ok to use candles to light up our Jack-O-Lanterns, Smith County Fire Marshal Jim Seaton says  with the drought we're experiencing that's not the case this year.

"The burn ban for Smith County and throughout the other counties in the surrounding area  says that any outdoor burning activities are prohibited with the few exceptions that are authorize," said Jim Seaton, Smith County Fire Marshal.

Meaning if you plan to have your Jack-O-Lantern inside your home it's ok to have a candle inside, but if you want to add a little Halloween spirit to the outside of your home you  better make sure there's no burning candle inside.

"The only suggestion I have is get some LED lights which take low voltage and put them inside the pumpkins and things like that," said Seaton.

Seaton says this also includes paper luminaries we use to light up walkways outside.

It's all about making some modifications to minimize the chance for fires during this year's holidays.

Seaton also says anyone who violates the burn ban by having an illegal flame outside, can face up to a thousand dollar fine, or up to 180 days in jail.

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