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Is there enough water for Tylerites?

By Jamey Boyum

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Water. It's one of the most important utilities we receive. Is there enough for Tylerites? Well, right now, yes, but the City of Tyler is asking residents to cut back on their water usage.

It starts at the lake. Then it goes through a bunch of tubes, and finally ends up in your yard. But, the lakes are six to seven feet down.

So, Tyler Water Utilities is asking us to be aware of how much you use.

"We are requesting that our citizen voluntarily go to an odd even water irrigation system, so that if you have an even address you water on certain days and an odd address you water on alternate days," said Greg Morgan, Managing Director of Tyler Water Utilities.

He's also asking to make sure you water grass, not concrete, and use a cutoff on your water hose.

Charles Funk lives in Tyler and has a nice green yard, but he's already conserving.

"About the only time we water is after we cut th grass, and about every three days maybe thereafter," he said.

But what do other Tylerites think?

"I agree with it. I have cut back. My yard's terrible," said Wanda Bullock.

"Oh, yes. Most definitely. Just to conserve the water," said Christel Hernandez.

"I need my water every day. I think it's mine so I want to use it," said Demarcus Bailey.

"When it first started getting dry we quit watering completely. We didn't have to be asked to," said Beverly Hamilton.

Water usage would have to increase by 12 million gallons a day for three days straight for all this to be mandatory.

"The City of Tyler is trying to strike a balance to preserve the water supply and to preserve and protect the beauty of Tyler, Texas," Said Morgan.

The city is working with you so there's plenty of this, and your yard doesn't have to look like this.

The city is asking those with even numbered addresses to water on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and odd numbered to water on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday.

And, if you irrigate, do it between 10pm and 6am.

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