Special Delivery: Babies in Stockings

Kim McClure is enjoying the company of her family, as she rests in a hospital bed at Trinity Mother Frances in Tyler. At 9:26 A.M. yesterday, a gift weighing 9 lbs., 10 oz. and measuring 21.5 in. came in a stocking. The McClure family named the baby boy, Caleb.

"He is a special gift to me from God and he is a blessing," McClure said.

Kim is one of more than 200 mothers who get to take their baby home in a stocking this Christmas, thanks to the needle-work of 15 women from Trinity Lutheran Church.

"So many times when we're sewing, and we are talking about, wonder what this child that goes in this stocking, what their life will be like," volunteer Jo Wageman said. "And we all are prayerfully hoping that it will be a blessing to the child and they will have a wonderful life."

"I think it shows a lot of love and a lot of caring that they take their time and that they've put all this energy into making Christmas special for a lot of people," said McClure.

Wageman says the stocking is not only a blessing for new parents. It's also a blessing for her and the other volunteers who create them.

All babies born from December 1st through Christmas day at Trinity Mother Frances get to go home in a stocking. The volunteers at Trinity Lutheran Church say they also make baby caps, booties, and blankets for newborns year-round.

Julie Tam, reporting.