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Warrants issued for 4 suspects in ETX WalMart theft

UPDATE: Jacksonville Police say they now have four active arrest warrants for the men responsible for stealing $9,500 in cash from a Jacksonville Wal-Mart on Sunday, October 2.

In the surveillance video, the first suspect who enters the store, who's wearing blue, Jacksonville Police have identified as Maurice Jones. Officials say Jones has been arrested before and is considered dangerous.

The second suspect, wearing a red football jersey, police identify as Jonathan Brown, is the one who officials say took the money.

The third suspect, wearing the white t-shirt and a red cap, has been identified as Roderick Philman.

The suspect in the red hoodie, identified as Willie Rogers, has also had run-ins with the Jacksonville Police Department. Rogers is considered dangerous.

Officials say the blonde female who walks in the store behind the four men was involved in the crime. Police are actively looking for her, too.

Third-degree felony warrants for engaging in organized criminal activity have been issued for all four men.

None of the four male suspects have been arrested.

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - Police are looking for four men responsible for stealing more than $9,000 in cash from an East Texas Wal-Mart.

Police said it happened around 11 p.m. on Sunday night at the Jacksonville Wal-Mart.
That's on Jackson Street, also known as Highway 69, in south Jacksonville.

In the store surveillance video, most of the mens' faces can be seen clearly, so look closely.


These are the four suspects entering the store. Police said they left just a few minutes later.
Except this man in the red jersey, who later made it out of the store with $9,500 in cash.

"An employee was emptying the register to put in the money bags. She laid the bags on the counter and when she turned around, the black male in the red jersey grabbed two of the bags and ran out the door," she said.

Police said they aren't releasing the video of the grab for the cashier's protection. But, they are showing us video of the get away car waiting outside.

"You can even see one of the passengers get out of the silver car and walk up to the front doors to check and see what the progress on the theft was," said Jacksonville Detective Jeremy Pate.

"When he saw him running towards him, he jumped back in the vehicle and the silver car actually took off before the black male got there that had the bags," said Pate.

Police said it was at the carwash next door where the man who took that money from the cashier actually met up with the get away car.

"From what we can see on the surveillance, we feel like it was a planned event," Pate said.

An event that surprises most Wal-Mart customers.

"Well it was unusual for it to happen here, because it's a pretty nice mall, but it happens everywhere so you gotta be careful," said one Wal-Mart customer.

"I come here at night with friends all the time just to walk around when we ain't got nothing else to do. It's just a pretty good Wal-Mart, nice people, nice faculty, never had trouble out of anybody," said another Jacksonville Wal-Mart shopper.

Until now... leaving police on the search for the four faces you see in the video.

Police said they are currently checking on tips they've gotten from the community but have no suspects right now.

If you have any information on this theft you are encouraged to call the Jacksonville Police Department.

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